A completely volunteer effort to date, we are looking for approximately 20hours of pro bono support (from one or more consultants) with demonstrated commitment to racial justice and experience working with grassroots and/or start-up organizations, to partner with the organization’s leadership to advance the business plan and create a development strategy. Ideally this work would be completed by mid-October 2019. We are open to working with two different consultants for the categories listed below. 

Finance/business needs: 

  • Review and advise on planning budget and P&L sheets. Research or help make educated estimates on local costs and reimbursements; integrate key variables (transfers, pregnancy care across FYs, etc) into formulas so we have the most realistic range of income and expenses. (We have these formulas in sample spreadsheets).

    • Research birth centers’ and comparable clinical reimbursement rates (this is not readily available, so propose another way of having realistic estimates so we can run projections, negotiate reimbursement, and plan for fundraising.) 

    • Propose a payor mix that will sustain the organization (There are examples from birth centers across the country available, we would need this reviewed and layered with some analysis of Boston.) 

  • Explore the financial benefits of adding a broader scope of clinical services. 

  • Propose how to integrate the finances of programming (doula care, classes, therapy, body work, retail).

  • Advise on how to strengthen the business model and link to our development strategy, including how to fund the gap between earned income and costs. 

  • Calculate (and propose how to communicate) the income mix projected for planning phase, years 1-4 of open, and years 5+ to show the shift from 100% grants to an increasing % of earned income. 

  • Link all calculations and spreadsheets in one sheet with multiple tabs. 

  • Additionally, we have questions about how ACOs and clinical practices, like the birth center, will bill in the new ACO environment and welcome if consultant has knowledge in that area. 

Development needs: 

  • Propose a development strategy for the: 

    • planning phase (a mix of philanthropic income) 

    • Open thru year 4 (early operational phase shift from 100% philanthropic support to an increasing % of earned income)

    • Years 5+ (operational phase, steady earned income, maintaining some philanthropic needs)

  • Review 2 year planning budget and set goals for 2019-2020 (propose a mix of individual donors and grants). 

    • Propose individual donor campaign/strategy (events, online, other) with goals and suggested tools for maintaining and growing relationships. 

    • Research aligned funders and advise on prioritizing existing spreadsheet of funding opportunities.

    • Review existing grant language and propose boilerplate language for key sections. 

Neighborhood Birth Center has a fiscal sponsor and 501c3 status. Please email Nashira Baril at nashirab@gmail.com or with interest or questions.